VS launches first-of-its-kind GT 5S machine in India

VS International’s PFS & multi-lane VFFS by mid-2019


VS International recently launched its GT 5S, multi-axis servo-driven continuous motion machine, the first-of-its-kind to be manufactured in India. VS has taken patent rights for the design of the machine which is equipped with a multi-axis motion controller, an HMI touch screen for monitoring and synchronously moving sealing jaws for high speed.

“Though the imported machines are technologically advanced, the machines manufactured by Indian companies are also almost at par with the machines being imported. The major difference lies in the cost. While the machines imported are bought at inflated rates, the ones manufactured in India come at a very reasonable price with faster service guarantee. Local manufacturers have realized this fact and have over the years become our faithful customers. And because of that, we now sell 96 to 110 machines in one year. This figure includes the sale of auger fillers, cup fillers and volumetric fillers,” Sharma adds.

The company plans to add new machines to their portfolio. It plans to come-up with a brand new pick, fill and seal machine along with a multi-lane vertical form, fill and seal machine. These machines are currently being developed and will be launched in the market by mid-2019.

The manufacturer and exporter of vertical form, fill and seal machines, VS International has been operating in the Indian packaging market since the year 2000 under the ‘PackiT’ brand. VS manufactures 4-head weighers, cup fillers, multi-head weighers, stick packs and auger fillers along with their Komet range of form, fill and seal machines. The company has been supplying FFS machines to FMCG and pharmaceutical across the country.

In 2002, the company came up with its first product, the Packit TPI – 912 bag-maker. The TPI – 912 is equipped with a vector driven belt pulling system and a pneumatic based horizontal and vertical sealing system. The machine is fully PLC controlled with integrated temperature controllers. The TPI – 912 is easily compatible with multihead weighers having 10 heads and runs at a speed of 50 to 60 packets a minute.

“We started our business with the TPI back in 2002 by providing our machines to the gutkha and pan masala manufacturing companies and later graduated to snacks and confectionaries. In 2007, all of a sudden there was an increase in local snack manufacturing companies. Many local players came-up with new products and we managed to strike deals with them. That proved to be a major turnaround for our company. We have been receiving regular demand from them ever since then and have also managed to gain some new customers as well,” says Vikram Sharma, managing director of VS International.

In the year 2011, the company came up with Packit model Komet 81, servo-based bagmaker. The KOMET 81 is a machine for dosing system at higher speeds in which the PLC was replaced with motion controllers. The bag-maker is compatible with 14-head weighers and has a packaging speed of 75 to 80 packets a minute. Along with the Komet 81, the company came up with another machine named the Packit Komet Duplex, a pneumatic based vertical and horizontal sealing machine in the same year. This is an intermittent (stop and start) motion machine with a vector driven belt pulling system and one common control panel interface. The machine can be combined with 18-head weighers and runs at 120 packets a minute.

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