Optical measurement of oxygen

Oxyspot from Witt

Oxyspot is equipped with a new type of optical sensor, which measures the concentration of oxygen in rigid or flexible packaging

Open doors in Lecco and Converflex Show in MilanPrintech to represent Omet at Gulf Print & Pack 2015Omet’s representative agency Printech will be present at the Gulf Print & Pack show, which will take place in Dubai from 13 to 16 April 2015. Since the cooperation with Printech Middle East started way back in 2013, Omet has secured a few major orders in the Gulf area. Two installations have been completed and two more will be operational shortly.
Stands of different companies at the Gulf Print & Pack 2013The upcoming Gulf Print & Pack will be the occasion to show Omet’s
potential in the region and confirm its leading role at a global level
among manufacturers of narrow and medium web packaging printing
machines. Having an increasing interest in the packaging business, Omet
is launching in 2015 its ‘wide web offset’ project, which is
characterized by worthy innovations – revolver cart for sleeves that
facilitates the quick format changeover; centred ink train fixed on the
ink roller to increase printing precision and the unit stiffness; inking
train with 20 rollers plus idle roller to maintain wetting separated
from inking; vision-2 register control system, both lateral and
transversal; extra rigidity, stiffness and vibration reduction on the
plate; and automatic washing on the machine.

Right after the
Dubai show, Omet will launch the latest born iFLEX and Varyflex V2
Offset. Both printing presses will be unveiled on 19 May 2015 at the
company headquarters during an evening event for customers. From 20 to
23 May, Omet will stage an Open doors event in Lecco and will also be
present at the Converflex Show in Milan which is from 19 to23 May.

is enthusiastic about its participation in the Gulf Print Show as the
event will be an occasion to show its potential as a turnkey supplier
for the label and packaging business. The core business of the
Dubai-based company, though, are consultancy on the label and packaging
market and customer care, areas in which Printech excels the most.