Bosch enables Industrial IoT out of the box

SCD devices improve availability and efficiency on machines and equipment


Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH was founded in 2013 and is a fully owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. The company was set up to design, develop and market innovative connected devices and tailor-made solutions for the Internet of Things. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions is headquartered in Reutlingen, Germany, 30 km south of Stuttgart. As an international oriented company, Bosch offices are located in Shanghai (China), Chicago (USA), Coimbatore (India), Budapest (Hungary) and Shibuya (Japan).

Sensors are the sensory organs of the ‘factory of the future’. The data collected can be used to optimize processes, reduce downtimes and minimize rejects, which results in increased production and improved effectiveness of machines and plants. So how can the first step towards Industry 4.0 be implemented as cost-effectively as possible? Bosch combines the expertise in sensor manufacturing with Bosch Rexroth’s automation experience and provides the answer with the sensor device ‘SCD – Sense Connect Detect.’ SCD captures data that forms the basis for increasing efficiency.

SCD – The multi-talent

SCD is equipped with four different sensors ‒ acceleration sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and magnetometer. From commissioning to the production phase through to servicing, there are multiple application examples in which SCD contributes to considerable increases in efficiency.

SCD records vibration profiles, whose analysis indicates the wear status of machines, components or tools. Shocks, for example, caused by a collision of components, are recorded. The ambient temperature in the production environment is monitored to ensure the quality of the components produced. The measurement of the surface temperature of machines and components allows conclusions to be made regarding the wear status. The light sensor monitors the status of several warning lamps without a person having to be directly on site. The magnetic sensor is used to detect ferromagnetic objects, which makes it possible to count motion cycles or produced parts, as well as the current flow in cables.

SCD ‒ Sealed, compact, wireless

Equipped with a water and dustproof housing, the SCD can be easily installed in harsh industrial environments without additional effort. For this purpose, the adhesive strip on the rear side is suitable, but also cable ties or screws that lead to a secure connection through the fixing holes integrated with the housing. SCD can be used for monitoring both the initial equipment of new machines and systems and existing machines and systems without interfering with the existing control technology and interrupting production for installation, integration and commissioning. This is made possible by the compact design (71 x 62 x 9.1 mm), the supply of power via battery and wireless data transmission.

SCD ‒ The solution for IoT specialists

With the SCD, Bosch is revolutionizing the way IoT specialists collect, visualize, store and send data for further analysis (.csv file). The app is available free from the Apple App Store/Google Play Store. The configuration takes only a few minutes. The SCD provides measurement data immediately after activation.

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