“World-class machines made in India”

LineOMatic shows Bolt RB104

Uday Patel of LineOMatic at its stand along with the Bolt RB104 exercise book machine in drupa. Photo PSA

LineOMatic Industries has been a pioneer in manufacturing of high-performance exercise book making machinery. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of fully automatic exercise book, reel to sheet ruling and flexo printing, cut size sheeter, folio size sheeter, automatic counting and folding, taping, centre thread-sewing-cum-folding and pasting machines.

The company was among the many Indian exhibitors at drupa this year and our conversation with HT Hirpara, chief general manager of the company, started with LineOMatic’s experience at the event. “Although this is our second time at drupa as an exhibitor, this is the first time that we are showing and demonstrating a machine. We can proudly say that in terms of Indian exhibitors, our stand and machine are the biggest in comparison. Drupa is one of the biggest shows and it is quite useful for a company like us. Our stand demonstrates that we are ready for the world,” Hirpara said.

“We have received an excellent response at drupa. We have already sold more than 15 machines at the show which consists of 10 Bolt machines amongst others. We should be able to reach our target of 20 machines at the show. We are currently exporting to more than 50 countries. After this show,  we expect to add another 10 to 15 countries to this burgeoning list,” Hirpara said.

The LineOMatic stand was impressive and one of the biggest in terms of Indian exhibitors at drupa 2016. Photo PSA

Talking about the performance of the company, he said that there has been a growth rate of about 20-25% in the last few years. In the current 2016-17 financial year the company expects to have quite a good year. Hirpara says, “Last year we managed to sell about 200 machines. This year we expect to increase the tally to cross 250 machines and reach around 275. The market in India is growing moderately but we are maintaining a market share of 90%.”

Hirpara added that LineOMatic is definitely looking to expand its range of products in the stationery and paper converting segment. “We keep innovating and make an effort to come out with a new product range every three or four years. We are proud that as an Indian exhibitor at drupa we are able to show world-class machines made in India,” he said.

Packaging Soth Asia is a cooperating media partner for drupa 2016 which was held from 31 May to 10 June at Dusseldorf, Germany