Esko and Amtech partnership enables additional automation for corrugated converters

Esko and Amtech partner to increase efficiencies in corrugated

Chris Miller, vice president, North America & APAC at Esko

Esko announced its foray into a strategic partnership with Amtech Software to bring increased efficiencies to joint customers in the corrugated market. The companies are developing an integration between Esko’s ArtiosCAD, automation engine, WebCenter QuickStart for corrugated solution, and Amtech’s Encore ERP solution to create bi-directional communication that eliminates double data entry and enables further downstream automation of the workflow for corrugated converters.

With growing demand for smaller lot sizes and faster time to market, corrugated converters will be able to streamline business processes, saving time and money while increasing their competitive advantage. Chris Miller, vice president, North America & APAC at Esko said, “The goal of this partnership is to facilitate advanced automation for corrugated converters. We are pleased to be joining forces with this industry leader for the benefit of our joint customers. This is yet another example of how Esko continues to develop its packaging connected strategy, furthering Esko’s vision to connect its packaging supply chain solutions with leading hardware and software solutions in the packaging supply chain.”

ArtiosCAD is the popular structural design software for packaging converters. With dedicated tools for packaging professionals working in structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing, ArtiosCAD increases productivity throughout the packaging operation. Automation Engine is Esko’s workflow server. It not only automates prepress tasks, which speeds up the process, but also reduces the error rate and the need for operator intervention. WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated is a design workflow management solution for corrugated converters. Based on Esko’s WebCenter, WebCenter QuickStart for corrugated comes preloaded with proven workflows that increase a converter’s capacity to handle a greater number of design requests with the same head count.

Amtech’s Encore ERP solution is cloud-enabled, mobile and tablet ready, and it features real-time tracking of production and delivery, helping corrugated converters manage their plants with algorithmic trend detectors while optimizing the performance of their people by enabling a mobile workforce. Combined, these solutions create an operational powerhouse for corrugated converters of all sizes.

Cosmo Denicola, president and owner of Amtech Software said, “This is a true partnership between industry leaders who will bring a stronger offering to their mutual customers by integrating two state-of-the-art solutions.”