Multilayer upgrades for all manufacturer’s film stretching lines


At the forthcoming Plastindia in Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad, Brückner Servtec will present solutions to enhance the efficiency and profitability of existing film production lines of all manufacturers. With Brückner Servtec’s multilayer upgrades, existing film stretching lines can be used for entering new high margin film markets.

Multilayer films combine enhanced film properties with a cost-saving ‘one-shot’ production method, reducing the need of expensive additives or further conversion steps (e.g., high-barrier film, white film). The upgrading solutions to 5-, 7- or more layers are individually tailored, depending on the desired production characteristics and market needs.

Brückner Clip & Chain refurbishment in India
Film manufacturers can maintain the fitness and usefulness of their assets for a very long service life with the professional Brückner Clip & Chain refurbishment service in India. The refurbishment workshop is equipped with latest state-of-the-art equipment and tools, providing the best way to disassemble, clean, fix and correct small and major mechanical issues. The refurbishment is closely controlled and continuously reviewed with the expertise of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Combined with short delivery times, on-site support and rental parts, it is the best and cost-effective treatment for clips on the Indian subcontinent.

Brückner Group
At the joint Brückner Group stand, besides Brückner Servtec, visitors will also meet Brückner Maschinenbau, showing the latest trends in film stretching technology. In addition, group companies Kiefel will show new developments for the packaging, automotive, medical and appliance industry, and PackSys Global, will present its advanced packaging equipment.