ROTO4ALL – The first Italian event on rotogravure printing

ROTO4ALL - Join the webinar on April 28


On 28 April 2020 at 11:00 AM you can join journalist Matteo Bordone, host of the webinar, ROTO4ALL. The speakers and topics of the webinar include;

Gianmatteo Maggioni, coordinator of the Group, who will address the topic, Why we founded The Italian Rotogravure Group. Next will be a discussion on Acimga’s role, introducing the economic study on rotogravure and the sustainability project by Andrea Briganti, general manager of Acimga.  Enzo Baglieri, executive director MBA Bocconi, will be speaking on the Total Cost of Ownership of rotogravure, followed by Elisabetta Bottazzoli, Sustainability and Circular Economy manager, who will be talking on Sustainability, between international standards and opportunities to be seized.