Swiss hot melt specialist artimelt AG develops tamper-proof adhesive

Tamper-proof labelling with artimeltsurface


Swiss hot melt specialist artimelt AG has developed an adhesive that addresses that issue of tampering. With artimeltsurface, artimelt has developed an adhesive that attaches itself increasingly more powerfully to the surface as time passes by. Whenever it is attempted to remove a label coated with artimeltsurface, the label will tear, or the surface of the underlying packaging will be damaged.

As per the recently issued European anti-tampering guidelines, which came into effect from 9 February 2019, drug manufacturers are faced with the essential obligation to tamper-proof their cardboard packaging. Other manufacturers are also increasingly looking for new ways to label or seal their products in such a way that consumers can clearly recognize whether the packaging is still in the originally sealed manufacturer’s condition or if it has already been opened.

Labels with exceptional adhesive properties that damage the carboard when removed play a crucial role in this, according to artimelt AG. Conventional adhesives in particular fail to provide strong enough adhesion of labels on high-quality lacquered surfaces and the labels can be removed relatively easily.

Artimeltsurface also adheres to surfaces that contain silicone. With its low surface tension, silicone repels greases, dirt, and dust. At the same time, adhesives also stick very poorly to surfaces that contain silicones. artimeltsurface has been designed to create a stronger connection with the silicone-containing surface as time goes by.

The new adhesive artimeltsurface will be presented at ICE – the international trade fair for the finishing and processing of paper, film, and foil – from 12 to 14 March 2019 in Munich.


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