Videojet launches Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Cost-effective solution for improved print quality and reduced coding errors

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, has introduced its Videojet 6230 Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO); it is an easy-to-use printer that helps manufacturers reduce flexible packaging coding errors, and improve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Understanding the market need for a reliable and adaptable solution that helps to ensure codes are printed correctly and accurately. The Videojet 6230 TTO printer provides a solution that offers exceptional user experience with code assurance capabilities.

Utilizing the latest in Videojet technology, the 6230 printer features a simple cassette design that allows for long production runs. Its 700 meter ribbon length is typically much longer than ribbons used for hot stamp printers; moreover, it requires fewer ribbon changes versus other competitive TTO systems. This helps to maximize production uptime; and when a ribbon change is necessary, the 6230 printer makes it safe and easy.

The simple maintenance of the 6230 printer helps to deliver an industry-leading low cost of ownership solution. Moreover, the airless printer design eliminates the need for compressed air; it also features fewer wear parts through the exclusion of air hoses and connectors. Printer components are fast and easy to replace to ensure that production is up and running as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the unique printhead is also designed for maximum uptime; it is easy to change and requires no additional operator intervention to return to printing functionality.

Easy integration with production lines

Designed to withstand typical production line environments, and with its inventive composition, the 6230 printer easily integrates into most production lines, especially those with space limitations.

Manufacturers lack the flexibility when choosing how they want to operate their Thermal Transfer Overprinter,” explains Heidi Wright, business unit manager TTO, at Videojet Technologies. “With an intuitive, 5-inch color touchscreen controller, and one-touch job selection functionality, the Videojet 6230 is an easy to operate printer. It is an ideal solution for manufacturers who wish to migrate from hot stamping technology. In addition, the Videojet 6230 offers manufacturers multiple options aside from the touchscreen user interface when choosing how to operate their printer, including via an Android phone.”

Code Assurance comes as standard in the 6230 printer. Manufacturers can benefit from simple code creation with VideojetConnect Design or CLARiSOFT software, helping to reduce operator interactions resulting in fewer user errors and unnecessary product waste and rework. Additionally, the WYSIWYG print preview functionality allows operators to confirm the correct code is selected; a real-time clock stamp avoids date errors, helping to reduce recall risk.

Optional Bluetooth connectivity

Available with optional Bluetooth capability, and with the use of the compatible Bluetooth USB adaptor, the 6230 printer can also be controlled from an Android phone rather than a HMI. With this feature activated, manufacturers can use an Android phone OS 4.4.4 or higher as a graphical user interface; a memory stick to transfer jobs, and barcode job selection functionality. This simplifies operator interaction with the printer and production line.

Wright says, “Videojet continues to invest in product research and development; we are very pleased that this new Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers manufacturers a solution to help reduce flexible packaging coding errors, and improve total cost of ownership.”


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