Good turnout at Omet Hybrid Experience open house

Omet inaugurates new Drome demo center in Molteno

Omet Hybrid Experience

Over 250 people took part in the ‘Omet Hybrid Experience’ open house dedicated to the opportunities of hybrid printing technology in the label industry. Held on 24-25 January 2019 at the new Omet Drome, the event was enriched by technical presentations, live demos and visits to the Omet production sites. A lovely gala dinner at the beautiful lake-view location attracted a great number of participants.

The event proved to be a great success for the live demos of the Omet XJet powered by Durst, which proved its exceptional performance in terms of technology, flexibility, productivity and infinite customization possibilities. Another attraction of the event was the Omet iFlex, presented with hybrid curing configuration: UV and LED printing simultaneously. The two machines offer amazing production capacity, and were appreciated for their real complexities as well as for the printed quality results.

Few highly technical presentations were dedicated to the future of label printing. Paolo Grasso, head of sales – Labels Business Unit, Omet spoke about the advantages of digital + flexo hybrid printing technology proposed by Omet in collaboration with Durst, and those offered by flexo UV-LED printing shown on iFlex at the event.

Sergio Veneziani of Ritrama introduced the partnership between Omet and Ritrama for a new laminating module to produce linerless labels: an innovative clear-on-clear PS label engineered to be transformed into a laminated but linerless construction, ready to be dispensed. This innovation will allow significant improvements in terms of efficiency and sustainability for the printing industry and brand owners.

Martin Leitner of Durst explained the potential and opportunities of digital: for a printer, moving towards digital inkjet or hybrid technology is not just a matter of buying a new machine, but the beginning of a transformation in the business model itself. Durst and Omet offer a solid base of skills essential for this evolutions.

Francesco Niorettini of Italgrafica Sistemi spoke about his experience being the first Italian XJet user. “Our challenge is to go for bigger volumes through hybrid-digital: Omet XJet is the solution that made me possible to break through old barriers of very low figures. Being able to combine the best of Omet’s and Durst’s worlds, made my investment in innovation a game-changer that allows Italgrafica raising the bar in the industry.”

Omet success for this open house is to be shared with the main 15 sponsors who actively participated to the event: Apex, Asahi, Avery Dennison, Control Technique (Nidec Group), Erhardt + Leimer, GEW, Kurz, Italfinance, Ritrama, Rossini, Rotometrics, Swedev, Tesa, Vetaphone and Zeller + Gmelin.


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