OMET Group appoints Paolo Grasso as head of sales

Paolo Grasso Head of Sales of Labels Business Unit

In his 14 years of cooperation with OMET Italy as area sales manager (Asia and Middle East), Grasso has been instrumental in establishing a strong base of clients and installations in one of the toughest yet growing regions of the world. Seeing his ability to lead OMET to new and challenging territories OMET top management has appointed him the new role.

Speaking on the development Marco Calcagni, director of sales, said: “It’s the right time to organise our sales activities to be able to complete our global expansion with closer attention to each customer as for OMET every customer is special and deserves the necessary attention. We now feel that each segment deserves the necessary focus. We will continue to work in this direction for the best results.”.

OMET Group has consistently grown in double digits in the last decade with further growth expected. The newly introduced structure with separate unit for Label and Packaging markets allows us to provide dedicated resources and enhanced support to our global customer base. This step will also allow OMET to have a deeper market presence, streamlined marketing and communication and strengthen belief of customer centric approach.

In his new role, Paolo Grasso will lead the global sales team, agents and distributor network of the Label Business Unit, supporting them closely to further enhance the sales and market response. Upon accepting his new role, Grasso stated, “I’m proud of the trust OMET management has bestowed upon me and will continue to work towards the company’s uninterrupted growth and success. It’s my great honour, as I feel the label industry deserves greater attention, seen the continuous trend of changes and innovations it is going through”.


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