Uniqolabel’s multi-layered label with on-the-go mobile app authentication


Bengaluru-based Uniqolabel is a brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technology company, established in 2016 by Dinesh, Mukesh and Vikas Jain. An engineer by qualification, Dinesh Jain owned an anti-counterfeiting company earlier, which he successfully operated for 15 years. Mukesh Jain, on the other hand, has vast experience in sales with a sure footing in the packaging and security space. Vikas Jain brings to the company his strong industry experience in technology. The trio came together to form Uniqolabel, aimed at providing world-class solutions on brand protection and consumer engagement technology that has helped many brands like Kiptly, Epson, LG and others to fight counterfeiting and gain back revenues and customers.

Uniqolabel provides multi-layered patented technology, which helps protect brands against counterfeiting. The company offers a combination of tamper-evident layer and multiple unique plus random elements. Every element of the label is verified through a simple scan using Uniqolabel Mobile Application (UMA). The combination of the label and UMA makes it completely impossible for counterfeiters to duplicate or imitate. The mobile application is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and is extremely is user friendly.

Added features and customer engagement with app
With Uniqolabel’s UMA, customers can check if a product is genuine or not. More importantly, UMA helps companies to connect with their customers through its loyalty and engagement platform. Opening up more branding and marketing opportunities, the brands can showcase their products through the application. Not only can customers locate brand stores, they can also receive direct messages from brands and companies. Interestingly, Uniqolabel has developed an Asset Management Suite to help brands track and verify their assets on field. It is a wholesome technology that provides companies with all the tools they need to protect their brand and improve revenues and consumer engagement.

Uni 2Scan the lable using Uniqolabel app

Speaking on how Uniqolabel products product can help the industry, Vikas Jain states, “The company’s highly advanced reporting module captures all details that a brand needs to track, each and every scan of the label in real time. The brands also receive instant alerts when any fake product is captured in the system, so that one can take immediate action. With this instant real-time module, brands like Kitply have successfully been able to catch and raid the counterfeiters.”

The label offered by Uniqolabel is a combination of various security features that are currently in practice by brand owners. These include holograms, QR codes and unique serial numbers. Their newly developed labels are patented multi-layered label technology, offering true protection against counterfeiting. Uniqolabel can be integrated on a product or onto a packaging.

Company structure
Uniqolabel operated out of a 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art highly secure facility in Bengaluru, capable of producing a million labels a day. The company has offices across all metropolitan cities in India. The labels are designed, manufactured and printed in its in-house facility. Additionally, the company also has a R&D and technology arm that develops the technology and applications. The company claims that once all features are applied, it makes the product completely verifiable using cutting-edge mobile technology provided in the UMA on a smart phone. Only on verification of all elements, the label is classified as genuine, making it completely impractical for counterfeiters to imitate or duplicate. The company has spent close to six months to come up with this label, such that it provides complete protection and is also easy to use and verify.

Talking about solutions that packaging companies need today, Vikas Jain explains, “Packaging companies are looking for technology that can protect their brand and is easy to deploy and use. Moreover, these solutions should also be easily incorporated into their existing packaging line without any overhead expensive applicators or equipment.”

Currently, Uniqolabel serves more than 50 brands across various verticals. Its labels have helped improve revenues of its clients by over 30% with the incorporation of Uniqolabel’s technology. Customer satisfaction of these brands has reached an all-time-high, resulting in customers switching over from their competitors.