ACG technologies – offering counterfeit security to end users


Along with endangering end consumer safety, counterfeit drugs can also hamper the brand value perception amongst consumers. Manufacturers frequently use subtle means in the design of a product, which enables differentiation vis-a-vis fake products. Overt technologies in packaging act as a deterrent to counterfeiters and allow customers to easily identify a mark of authenticity with no aid in terms of high-tech devices or expert knowledge.

With their rich experience, ACG Associated Capsules (ACG ACPL), a member of ACG Worldwide, addresses most counterfeit challenges through two and four-color circular printing on the capsules and track and trace systems which offer better brand protection and curb the menace. The Brandshield product was launched to provide stronger brand differentiation for pharmaceutical companies but its complex nature makes it an excellent anti-counterfeit measure too. Brandshield 2C, a two-color circular printing on a capsule helps retain brand identity and offers counterfeit security to the end user.

Today technologies are readily available to the extent that overt technologies can easily be replicated thus defeating the purpose of identifying a genuine product. In a move to gain a competitive edge,  ACG introduced Brandshield 4C – hard capsules that feature four-color circular printing and allow the pharma companies to imprint their brand logo, brand name with two unique colors and graphics with two separate colors on the capsule, which enhances brand awareness. Circular printing on the capsule creates an impact and makes it difficult to duplicate.

 ACG Pharmapack
ACG Pharmapack, another company of ACG Worldwide, provides a complete range of high quality barrier packaging films for pharmaceutical, food and medical devices industries. Brandshield film, a proprietary and patented technology, provides an overt and robust anti-counterfeiting solution by ensuring minimal scope for duplication in blister packaging.

Brandshield films introduced by ACG Pharmapack

Verif-i (track and trace solution)
Verif-i passes through a complex distribution network that comprises manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and pharmacies before the medicines are made available to end consumers at a pharmacy store. Due to absence of data, sharing the authenticity at every level becomes challenging. Track and trace technology plays a crucial role for any pharma supply chain and avoids security lapses by serialization. Serialization makes every product unique by printing a different serial number on every product and allows a consumer to authenticate a product by visual means. Thus effective serialization of medicines would reduce the chances of counterfeiting in the supply chain.

Serialization is done across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging and keeps a product identifiable throughout the supply chain. It may result in economic benefits and better brand protection. Many brand protection strategies combine the use of product (and or product packaging) authentication technology with product tracking and tracing technologies. This layered approach can combine the use of overt, semi-overt, and or covert technologies to provide a solution that is more difficult to copy and would ultimately act as a deterrent to counterfeiting.

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