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Tailored to meet specific needs, PENTAFOIL all-PE 5-layer co-extruded blown film line helps raise the performance bar of films with a good efficiency ratio. It offers benefits like down gauging, lower cost of final film and adaptability across applications, which enhances the ROI still further. The Rajoo “Excellence in Extrusion” is an affordable solution that has earned the company global acclaim from users, industry experts and media alike.

This 5-layer blown film line while ensuring a thin skin layer of property polymers and a thick core layer of inexpensive materials, offers enough versatility for processors to produce films that comply to difficult industry demands. It includes specifications that help businesses, both in terms of diverse film properties as well as costs. Operating at 600.4 kg/hour, TUV certified during an on-site visit, the specific electricity consumption under standard conditions for the PENTAFOILAPE-RECF-260-90/2400 IBC-A is certified to be 0.3001 KWh/kg of blown film (40 micron thickness, 2,000 mm width).

Khushboo Doshi, executive director of Rajoo Engineers Ltd. opines, “I would like to highlight here that the all-PE PENTAFOIL 5-layer co-extruded blown film line is truly eco-friendly in a dual way—one from the environment perspective (by getting more out of less by down gauging and lower energy consumption) and the other from the economics perspective (better performance with cheaper raw materials).”