MeadWestvaco appoints new MD in India

Paperboard and industrial packaging

Naveen Ganzu will be responsible for leading MWV’s paperboard and industrial packaging business in India, and will also work closely with the company’s global consumer packaging businesses to expand growth in India

Corrosion resistant side-seal strappersMosca Direc’s MS-VA & TRS-VAStrapping specialist Mosca Direc is introducing two new machines into the UK market which are ideal for the challenging environments of poultry and meat processing and packing. The new SoniXs MS-VA and SoniXs TRS-VA machines are the first side-seal strappers that are corrosion resistant and work with Mosca’s own ultrasonic technology, SoniXs. In addition, the machines feature a new, exposed Standard-6 strap path, also made of corrosion-resistant material. The machines have been designed for use under extreme conditions such as dampness or with contaminated products. Strapping specialist Mosca Direc is introducing two new machines into the UK marketThe SoniXs MS-VA is a manual machine, while the SoniXs TRS-VA works in a fully automated production line in which packages are fed automatically. Both compact machines can be relied on to strap variable product sizes at up to 33 cycles a minute, depending on product and in-feed system. They are easily operated via keyboard and selection switches and offer the option of a single or double hold-down device.

Mosca’s SoniXs technology combines speed and efficiency with low emissions. As the system requires no pre-heating, machines are instantly available at all times. The easily accessible, open construction makes cleaning and maintenance of the machines easier. They can be dismantled without tools and are ready for use afterwards within just a few seconds.

Mosca SoniXs MS-VA and SoniXs TRS-VA machines are part of a vast range of automatic, semi-automatic and fully automated strapping machines. They are German manufactured, top-of-the- range strapping equipment and are available in the UK from Mosca Direct of Cotgrave, Nottingham. They fit easily into existing lines to replace old machines or as part of a new project to improve throughput, due to their speed and efficiency.