Plastiblends promotes Mulch Films at Plastivision India

Plastiblends commands around 15% of market share in masterbatches

Ramesh Dumbre, Vice President - Marketing, says, Plastiblend has around 15% market share in masterbatches

At the stand, Plastiblends promoted Mulch Films, the newest developed product from the blend of LDPE and LLDPE with a combination of UV and thermal stabilizers. Its purpose is to conserve moisture and simultaneously improve the fertility and health of the soil to increase yields. Speaking about the growth of the plastic industry, Ramesh Dumbre, vice president – marketing says, “The plastic industry has been witnessing enormous progress during the last several years. Last year, we commissioned a new plant at Palsana, Gujarat, which has an annual capacity to produce 30,000 metric tons a year. At present, 30% of our manufactured masterbatches are exported to over 40 countries. We can expand the capacity of the Gujarat plant as when required. Currently, our market share is close to 15% in India. Considerable technology optimization measures have been introduced in the plastic industry in the recent times. Since several applications and characteristics are required for the plastic products, it is found that one polymer cannot always provide all the applications. Therefore, it has become necessary to combine various polymers to produce multilayer films or to get the desired properties.”