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Talking about their carton erectors, Gandhi said, “It is a semi-automatic end-of-line packing system, employed for filling and sealing of products inside the shipping boxes. After filling and closing the four flaps of the box manually, it is further driven to another end through the free roller table. The roller table is a well-engineered product, where the boxes can easily slide through the spiral track. As the path follows the direction towards the centre of gravity, it becomes hard for the container to move in another direction. Hence, the free roller path is free of any electrical supply and pitch conveyor belt. The device is an ideal machine for the filling units having volume requirements of 500 to 1,000 boxes a day.”

For higher volume needs, the company provides complete automatic solutions, which is ideal for large warehouses. “There is a science behind how the end-of-the-line should be configured to which we strictly adhered,” he stated.