Image Gravures, first to install Direct Laser Engraver

image gravures
Direct Laser Engraving machines at Image Gravures in Chattral near Ahmedabad

Established in 2010, Image Gravures in Chattral is an hour away from Ahmedabad. It has grown over the years to become one of the most well-known engraving houses in the competitive gravure prepress market in India. Within a span on seven years, Image Gravures has installed capacity of producing more than 100 cylinders a day. Along this short and steep climb, it became the first company in India to install a Hell direct laser engraving machine. Three direct laser engravers of other manufacturers are already installed in other companies including one at Image Gravures.

Currently, Image Gravures has five electronic engraving machines from Hell, Germany and two direct laser engraving machines- one from Hell and one from DV, Italy. Since the installation of the direct laser engraving machines, around one and half years ago, the company developed multitude of specialty rollers for a vast number of fields such as tobacco, figured glass, aluminum foils, artificial leather, digital printing cards, and others. With the help of a 3D flatbed scanner, Image Gravures can also reverse engineer embossing rollers from the final product. Image makes four meters long rollers having a diameter of 600mm and has the potential to supply cylinders for a wide range of applications.

In addition to the aforementioned specialty rollers, Image Gravures can develop coating and anilox rollers on copper and tungsten carbide surfaces. They also have the ability to engrave directly on brass, copper, steel, aluminium and rubber with 3 different laser sources available to them. To analyze the cell structure accurately and assure the best quality, they have the AniCAM from Troika systems.

30Electronic Engraving Machines
Electronic engraving machines at Image Gravures

Due to the varying effects of inks on different substrates, one of the biggest challenges in the flexible packaging industry is emulating the printing process before actually printing. Image has GMG color matching software that minimizes wastage and helps in achieving the desired results. After profiling inks on different substrates on the printing machine, the GMG can offset the gap between the limitations (slow speed, lower transfer ratio) of the gravure proofing machines and the actual printing process in the initial pre-press stage to reduce matching issues and eliminate the need to rework cylinders.

Alongside GMG, Image Gravures employs a variety of other specialized tools to ensure the best quality and service for customers such as a barcode verifier from Axicon, spectrometer from X-Rite. Image Gravures recently acquired an additional 35000 square foot space to expand its operations. Image Gravures hope to acquire best technology, serve their customers efficiently and continue growing at a healthy pace. The company is in Hall 7 Stand H7C1 at the forthcoming Plastindia exhibition in Gandhinagar from 7 to 12 February 2018.

Slight corrections to the text have been made on 30 January 2018. At the same time the photographs have also been changed.

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