Airnov healthcare showcases HAT IN vial product at China association of clinical laboratory practice expo

Airnov healthcare expo was held from 28-30 March at the Chongqing

Airnov healthcare
Airnov healthcare expo at China association of clinical laboratory practice expo

Airnov Healthcare Packaging, a global leader in controlled atmosphere packaging, showcased its ground-breaking HAT IN vial product and new packets range at the China association of clinical laboratory practice (CACLP) expo, the largest In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) and clinical laboratory trade exhibition in China. The expo was held on 28-30 March 2021 at the Chongqing International Expo Centre.

HAT IN is the latest innovation to be incorporated into a product range produced by Airnov healthcare. The vial utilizes and integrates the company’s advanced desiccant polymer (ADP) technology to provide a high moisture barrier and excellent moisture absorption. It is designed to be easily integrated into automated filling lines for fast, reliable production.

Among the products exhibited at the CALCP Expo by Airnov was its range of automatable drop-in desiccant packets. These are small sachets filled with various sorbent materials designed to protect healthcare products from degradation caused by moisture.

Examples include reagents, rapid tests, urinalysis strips, ELISA kits, and various in vitro and clinical diagnostic devices.

Fully compliant with US FDA and EU regulations, the range comprises four trust raw materials:

SILICA GEL (a silica gel-based packet for moisture absorption)
MOLSIEVE (a molecular sieve for moisture absorption)
CARBON (activated carbon for odor control)
The 2-in-1 Pak brand (Desiccant and activated carbon for moisture and odor control)

Visitors to CALCP explored a variety of sizes and ordering options. Standard packet sizes range from ¼-gram to 10 grams and can be produced to order if required. Continu-strip packet batches are available, featuring a hole in each seal to optimize cutting accuracy and enable automatic insertion on packaging lines.

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