Bobst Masterfold 75/110 folder gluer gets a new look

Reduced cost of ownership with Bobst Masterfold folder gluer

Bobst Masterfold
Bobst Masterfold 75/110 folder gluer

Bobst Masterfold 75/110 folder-gluer has incorporated a new Bobst branding. Equipped with a series of automated setting functions, the Masterfold 75/110 enables short make-ready times and supports non-stop production, producing up to 2.7 million boxes per day.

Pierre Binggeli, product line director folder-gluers at Bobst, said: “Bobst has identified four cornerstones crucial to the future of packaging production; namely sustainability, automation, connectivity, and digitalization. Our vision is anchored in data access and control across the entire workflow to support customers achieve greater flexibility, agility, and efficiency.”

Also, the folder-gluer is designed with open frames and platforms, which increases the operator’s ergonomics and simplifies changeovers. With its new makeover, the cost of ownership is decreased, maintenance is simplified, and the machine’s accessibility is further increased.

The performance of the Masterfold in terms of productivity, ergonomics, and user-friendliness is also enhanced by a range of dedicated devices and peripherals.

Complementary peripherals create a fully automated, high-performance folding-gluing line. The Easyfeeder / Batch Inverter 4 motorized pre-feeder allows consistent and smooth feeding of blanks, preventing unscheduled production stops and further increasing productivity. 

The Cartonpack 4 high-performance packer automatically fills shipping containers with folded and glued cartons. It can also work in conjunction with a case erector, which automatically erects the containers to be filled. Thanks to these peripherals, the reduction in manual workload also improves the working conditions for the operator. It will help avoid issues with repetitive strain injury and other work-related health problems.

In response to e-commerce growth in 2020, the Gyrobox complementary device is a crucial solution to producing folding carton e-commerce boxes faster and more efficiently. This device simplifies the production of complex packages by rotating blanks in lines between two folding processes. Thus, it allows the rapid folding-gluing of boxes in a single pass – speeding up the production process, boosting efficiency, and delivering an exceptional quality finished product.

Binggeli speaks about Bobst Masterfold folder gluer

Binggeli added: “And let’s not forget the Accucheck quality control solution, that inspects every carton, filters, and ejects automatically defective ones, guaranteeing 100% quality-controlled production. In short, the Accucheck enables converters to increase efficiency and reduce waste with the aim of delivering zero-fault packaging to their clients.”


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