Print optimization in flexography

The Sitexco Plus Laser advantage for cleaning anilox rolls

Print Optimization DKSH
Sitexco Plus Laser Cleaner SLP 2.5 photo dksh

In mid-November 2021, DKSH, the company that sells Soma CI flexo presses in India and most of Asia, together with TEG Technologies, conducted a technical webinar on the optimization of flexographic printing for flexible packaging and labels. The main focus of the webinar was to ensure the growth of packaging demand with greener technologies. The Girona-based firm also used the occasion to introduce the Sitexco Label solution, which will be accessible in the Indian printing and packaging market next year.

Suhas Kulkarni, general manager Asia Pacific of the DKSH PPC Technology business unit, started the session by welcoming the participants and briefly introducing the DKSH printing packaging and converting (PPC) business line. According to him, the Sitexco PLUS System is “the quickest cleaning system in the world, and its proprietary cleaning procedure assures a cleaning that is safe for anilox rolls.” Kulkarni explained that this approach to cleaning and maintenance of anilox rolls could assist converters in both the narrow web and the wide web CI flexo markets. He emphasized the continuous technical development in flexo for rendering even finer print quality and the role of high lineature anilox rolls. A relevant corollary is that anilox cells that have not been cleaned adequately result in clogged cells, and reduced intended ink volume transfer, and poor print densities.

Lluis Guixeras, operations director at TEG Technologies, showed and discussed the latest technologies Sitexco Laser cleaner for anilox rolls and RST solvent distiller. The Sitexco technology is capable of cleaning any ink, coating, varnish, or glue chemical. Guixera talked about its ‘One Pass Clean’ feature. Using its new scanner control allows for complete control of applied energy density, assuring the optimum cleaning performance. The new Laser Cleaner-SLP 2.5 Sitexco Plus is faster, safer, and easy to operate. He also explained the process of how the laser beam and laser spots work and are controlled.

The Sitexco Plus cleaning philosophy is to minimize the damage of the anilox rolls by cleaning them in a single pass. The coatings and deposits that can be successfully removed with this new laser technology are UV, water, acrylic, and solvent-based inks, metallic coatings, adhesive and glues, silicon rubber, and many other types of unwanted materials and artifacts.

Print optimization DKSH
TEG Technologies – Sitexco Plus
photo dksh

DKSH, in collaboration with its partners Popli Graphics for North India and Printers Supply Company for East India and Bangladesh, is ready to assist and give sustainable solutions to the packaging and label printers in India and the Asia Pacific. Mumbai-based Amit Bera of DKSH said, “We have been giving many demos for prospective convertors every month and have had very positive feedback from them about the cleaning performance and outcomes of this technology. We should soon have the first installation of the Sitexco Plus system in India, thanks to the cooperation of TEG Technologies and our local distributor partners in India.”

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