Bühler unveils game-changing 4-in-1 optical sorter for PET recyclers

Sortex A GlowVision digital launch event attracts attendees from over 40 countries

Bühler's Vortex A GlowVision
Bühler's Vortex A GlowVision optical sorting solution for PET recyclers is now available worldwide. Photo Bühler

On 24 June 2021, Bühler launched its Sortex A Glow Vision optical sorting solution for PET recyclers with a digital launch event with attendees from more than 40 countries. With increasing demand for bottle-to-bottle and food-packaging applications, the global plastics market can now get the superior quality and purity levels it needs thanks to the pioneering Sortex A GlowVision, launched recently in London. This one-machine solution and its host of intricate features and benefits includes a custom-built inspection system, highly accurate double-sided cameras, and flexible chute configuration. Designed, built, and validated at Bühler’s facility in London, Lawrence Kuhn, Bühler’s new Head of Segment for Plastics said, “The launch of the Sortex A GlowVision is welcome news for PET recyclers around the world. It’s a groundbreaking ‘4-in-1’ optical sorting solution that can be used for simultaneous color, polymer, foreign material and loose-label sorting. It’s the first Bühler optical sorter to feature integrated digital solutions from day one. Exceptional efficiency and accuracy are assured.” Outstanding sorting & re-sorting results In response to growing demand, the new Sortex…

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