Modern Gravure Indonesia invests in Bobst CL 750DA laminator

Indonesia’s leading flexible packaging company

Elvin Tjandra and Alton Risnandi of Modern Gravure Indonesia with Bobst CL 750DA

Jakarta-based flexible packaging solutions provider, Modern Gravure Indonesia, has invested in a second Bobst CL 750DA laminator, that they will set-up in a tandem configuration together with their first CL 750DA laminator, bought a couple of years ago.

Scheduled for installation in Q4 in 2020, this CL 750DA tandem laminator 1350 mm in web width is the first of its kind in South-East Asia, according to Bobst. It joins an existing CL 750DA duplex machine at Modern Gravure. A tandem configuration allows for the two laminators to function completely separately so to produce two separated duplex structures or to function together so to produce triplex structures in one pass.

“We are building our future growth on Bobst technology and chose the CL 750DA again, because we want to expand our laminating capacity further. With its multi-technology capability, this machine gives us the high flexibility we need and enable us to differentiate our production and extend our reach into high performance triplex laminated flexible packaging applications. The new tandem set up will be a game changer for us,” said Modern Gravure Indonesia owner Elvin Tjandra.

Modern Gravure was founded in 2016 by a group of packaging professionals with many years of experience in the industry. Since then, the flexible packaging specialist has grown rapidly, and today employs more than 200 staff.

Compact and efficient

The CL 750DA duplex laminator is a compact web-fed machine capable of speeds up to 450 m/min (1476 ft/min). Fast changeovers and ease of operation make it an ideal solution for any run lengths from ultra-short and upwards.

According to Bobst, Modern Gravure will be taking full advantage of the multi-technology option that allows for the use of solvent-based, water-based and solventless adhesives. This uses an interchangeable trolley system for each coating technology for fastest job changeovers without the need for special tools. The machine has further been specified with cold seal capability, which means that pre-printed webs can be coated in-register for added value applications.

Processing web widths up to 1350mm, the laminator will work with a wide variety of substrates, including BOPP, PET, BOPA, LDPE, paper laminates and metallized film. Precise register control is handled by the Registron scanning head technology, and the machine is operated from an intuitive touch-screen panel. It has been developed with “Zero waste” technology for increased productivity and minimum waste at start up and changeovers.

In conclusion, Tjandra added, “We are proud to lead the way in flexible packaging in Indonesia, and we continue to put our trust in Bobst as the right solutions provider. Their innovative products and world-class service help us to achieve our goals. So, I’m excited for the future, both for us and for our customers.”



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