Esko’s announcements at IndiaCorr Expo 2019

Kongsberg and ArtiosCAD sold to Azure Press & GKW Retail

Esko team with Sanjay Nagpal of Azure Press at IndiaCorr Expo 2019
Esko team with Sanjay Nagpal of Azure Press at IndiaCorr Expo 2019

At IndiaCorr Expo 2019, which concluded in September this year, Esko closed two deals for its Kongsberg cutting table and ArtiosCAD 3D software. The sale of Kongsberg C64 cutting table along with a software upgrade to Azure Press based in Bahadurgarh was announced by Esko on the second day of the show. Esko also announced the sale of ArtiosCAD 3D and Kongsberg X24 production table with Multicut – HP Toolhead to GKW Retail Solutions.

It’s been a growth journey. Azure Press started with a starter model. It has been developing exceptional POPs, FSUs and displays and in a span of two years they have now upgraded to the top-of-the-line Kongsberg C64 table, which is only the second in India. With the new Kongberg, the company can now do packaging, soft signage, sign and display, soft signages, corrugated innovative packaging and corrugated POPs and FSUs,” says Karan Talwar, director – Sales, Esko India. The table will be up and running by the end of September at Azure Press. The first cutting machine was supplied to Lily Packers that the company is using mainly for corrugated.

Two years ago, we were thinking twice about investing in a cutting table. Now, the need for a cutting table has graduated to a level that we’re unable to handle any downtime. We’re extremely dependent on it. There are many who have countered this decision, but I’m pretty positive about this investment,” says Sanjay Nagpal of Azure Press.

Talking about Esko’s sale of Kongsberg X24 to GKW Retail, Talwar says, “The first thing that I’d like to say is that consistency pays. GKW now has a complete system from Esko, including an ArtiosCAD software for designing POPs and FSUs and a complete high-end Kongsberg X24 cutting table that comes with a set of tooling, routing and a conveyor system. The system is already up and running.” The announcement was made at the show on the last day.


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