Fujikura Graphics unveils its range of blankets at PrintPack 2017

Ready to be competitive on pricing in the Indian market

L-R: Rajendra Vidhawan, ceo Fujikura Graphics India, Tsuyoshi Otani, asst. manager overseas section and Yasuhiro Ri, printing materials design & engineering section, Fujikura Rubber Ltd. Photo PSA

When asked about the response they got at the exhibition, Vidhawan sounded cheerful but also added that the Indian buyers are very price sensitive. Talking about Fujikura Graphics India, he said, “It is a unique joint venture because this is the first time that any manufacturer of rubber blankets has come to India in such a format. Everybody in the business works through dealers or distributors, or indenting agents. This shows how serious they are about this market. The benefit of such a format is that it allows us to be price-competitive since the material comes here as stock transfer rather than one company selling its products to another and the latter trying to maximize its profit.”