Indiaplast 2019: Shubham Extrusions to unveil innovations in blown film technology

Shubham Extrusions’ latest innovation

Shubham blown

Over the past 20 years, more than thousands of Shubham blown machines have helped worldwide plastic producers. Situated at the heart of the industrial state of Gujarat – Ahmedabad, Shubham makes continuous efforts in exploring and researching various possibilities. The company manufactures more than 130 blown film machines every year. At the upcoming Indiaplast show, the company will unveil its latest innovations in blown film technology in Hall 12, Stand B-4.

The company’s blown film extrusion division focuses specifically on 5-layer, 7-layer, POD line, IBC, ABA, ABC, 3-layer and various types of mono layer blown film extrusion machines. Its ABA line allows bag producers to use a high percentage of recycled material or CaCO3 in the middle layer of the film, which significantly reduces material cost while producing stronger film with higher resistance. Shubham’s 3-layer co-extrusion blown film machine adopts the new type of high efficiency and low energy consumption extrusion line with the IBC film cooling system inside the bubble, + 360 degree for traction on the horizontal rotating system and photoelectric automatic correction device, fully-automatic winding and film tension control, advanced technology such as computer screen automatic control system.

Its ABA and monolayer blown film machines are popular amongst bag producers of T-shirt, supermarkets, garbage and general purpose bags, and carry bags. This high-speed line provides a much faster return on investment compared to a blown film machine. In the double head blown film machines, one can reach much higher output even when producing at small film width.


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