Mouvent’s LB701 UV & LB702 UV digital label presses at Labelexpo

The Mouvent booth was packed throughout the 4-day event and visitors were impressed with what they saw

Mouvent will be at Labelexpo 2017 alongside its co-parent Bobst to reveal its first ever range of label printing solutions in action. These include two all-new, high speed 7-color UV ink printers (LB701 UV and LB702 UV) and a groundbreaking digital inkjet label printer in the narrow web segment that represents a ‘game changer’ in the industry. The compact machines were shown at the launch of the new company in Wetzikon near Zurich on 6 July 2017. The web presses print on various substrates such as paper, self-adhesive labels and flexible materials, with widths from 170 mm to 340 mm. Production speeds can reach up to 100 minutes a minute with a native resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and an optical resolution of 2,000 dpi.

“We are extremely excited about unveiling our range of label printers to the industry,” said Martin van Waeyenberge, marketing and sales manager, Label Machines at Mouvent. “We have some genuinely groundbreaking technology to present, which we believe will bring substantial benefit to companies. Digital printing will have an ever-increasing role to play, particularly in label printing, as the industry fulfils demand for expedited delivery, improved time to market, as well as versioning
and personalization, and we want to be at the forefront of that.”

‘Simplicity is our philosophy’
Mouvent develops, engineers, tests, and industrializes digital printers. The company is promising a new standard in inkjet label production cost and quality, and in ink pricing, head durability, quality, and machine performance. The plan is to do research and development on inks and substrates, and have major ink manufacturers supply these to customers although Mouvent will also manufacture initial batches.

The innovative cluster design, based on Fujifilm’s Samba inkjet nozzles and built using additive printing, is the base building block for all systems, current and in development. “The Mouvent Cluster represents a completely new approach—using a base cluster arranged in a modular, scalable matrix, instead of having different print bars for different applications and different print widths,” explained Martin van Waeyenberge. “This simple yet completely innovative approach is the key technology that differentiates the Mouvent machines. The innovation ultimately translates into high optical resolution for a crisp, colorful, very high printing quality as well as a neverseen-before flexibility and possibilities in terms of machine development.”