The Gallus Labelmaster 440

CEO of the Gallus Group

On the second day of the LMAI Conference in Agra in July, Samir Patkar of Gallus talked about the need for measuring and improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the current climate of margin pressure. According to him, with an OEE of 45% flexo label printing is not catching up with industry benchmarks that are at OEE levels of 85%.

Modern label presses are equipped with many tools for process automation, such as data transfer from prepress to press and from press to postpress equipment. In Patkar’s view, not only these possibilities but many of the other features in presses that have already been purchased and installed are not being utilized optimally. He attempted to motivate the audience by showing a video that contrasted the 58-second motor racing pit-stops of a bygone era with the current Formula 1 pit-stops that take around 2 seconds using special teams. While many printers will find the analogy inappropriate, there are some who are sure to be inspired to figure out how to better use the technology they have and to try and set new OEE benchmarks. Efficiency is also one of the key factors in justifying new investments in label presses.

Gallus 2

At Labelexpo in Brussels the Gallus Labelfire digital label printing press with added inline finishing processes will be shown.

The Gallus Labelmaster 440 to be launched at Labelexpo 2017 in Brussels is claimed to redefine flexibility and complexity from the economical basic model to the fully equipped version. Designed with modularity and a large number of configurable possibilities to meet the needs of various business models, the company is speaking about high price-performance ratio claimed to deliver the highest cost-effectiveness in the label printing industry.

Apart from customization, there are three Labelmaster models. The basic version is the Gallus Labelmaster, said to represent an outstanding price-performance ratio. The Gallus Labelmaster Plus version offers extended features and the option of combining it with the Advanced modules. The Gallus Labelmaster Advanced offers process flexibility in any position and a high level of automation ensure exceptional flexibility.

The new machine platform with newly designed print units and web movement handles high printing speeds of up to 200 meters a minute with absolute register accuracy with no change in registration from low to high speeds. Gallus has also developed a new locking system that enables quick, easy and accurate changes of printing units. The system positions them on the base unit with absolute precision and ensures 100% register accuracy across a wide spectrum of substrates with a short web path of 1.4 meters. An optimized ink chamber ensures perfect ink transfer to anilox rollers at all times with minimal splashing and reduced foaming.