Smartphone-based water testing

JBL Proscan and Techkon AquaCatcher

Since the beginning of the year, the smartphone-based water test JBL Proscan is available in aquaristic and pet shops. Techkon, a Germany based company for color capturing and color communication for mobile devices, has developed this innovative application for JBL.

Network for business deals in India and abroadPOP designs, LED devices at In-store AsiaThe Indian retail industry is one of the most vibrant industries in the country. It is currently ranked at the 20th position among the top 30 developing countries identified by the Global Retail Development Index (GRDI). The In-store Asia exhibition provides a network to strike business deals both in India and overseas. Some of the products on display at the recent In-store Asia exhibition were POP designs, in-store communication tools, permanent and temporary display systems, LED devices, neon signs and more.The products on display at the In-store Asia exhibition were POP designs, in-store communication tools, permanent and temporary display systems, LED devices and neon signs. Photo PSAWhile Jayna Packaging was the centre of attraction, there were other interesting displays. Jayna Packaging showcased aesthetically pleasing products made from corrugated sheets. Each item present in stand such as chairs, walls, packages, floor standing units (FSUs) were also made of corrugated sheets. HP extended its support to Meghdoot printers, which showcased different products which are printed on corrugated sheets, vinyl and acrylic substrates using the HP Scitex FB10000 industrial press and the HP Latex 3000 printer. Rohit Kapoor, executive director of Meghdoot, said that HP supported in connecting them with In-store Asia organizers. Spectrum Scan displayed products for general and modern trade such as sequence LED, solar LED, lit lantern and magnetic motion display items. The company’s innovative ideas attracted many brand owners to their stand including Ace Enterprise, Macromedia and Classic Display Systems.  Amit Shah, CEO of Spectrum Scan, plans to sell their products globally.

Shrihari Rao, sales director of Esko Graphics introduced studio and store visualization – a new concept for retailers, in-store display and brand owners. With the help of studio visualization a user can have a 3D view of complex shapes of folding cartons, and heat shrink films on packages to know about the final packaging look. Different substrates applied on products with printing and finishing effects such as silver hot foil, silver ink with embossing and a gold hot foil with embossing can also be viewed. Studio and store visualization is a virtual display where all products are arranged on a shelf in a store. Users can pick a product from a shelf and turn around to look at it.

Rao claimed that studio visualizer reduces the time of supply to market, helps manage the product variants and produces 3D mock-ups for confirmation. With the help of the software, different variants of a product can be placed on the shelf next to each other,  which in turn would help brand owners to get a realistic look of their product in stores. Thus, they can choose the right product and save a lot of time. Hyper realistic mock-ups can be made and placed in different styles on a shelf as required.

Ramkrishna P Musunuri, director of Macromedia, displayed eco-friendly POP and POS products for short-term promotions, in-shop advertising, foam boards, window graphics and signage. Many printers visited Brand Mark Solutions and expressed their interest in printing and manufacturing products according to their requirements. Moreover, the event was attended by HUL, L’Oreal, Adidas, Hindustan Pencils and other companies from the procurement and brand team.