Bericap packaging innovations

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The environmental friendly closure solution by Bericap, with a neck finish in the new 26/21 mm dimension standard
Bericap, a global packaging company with an Indian office in Pune, has recently come up with light weighting initiatives for sustainable edible oil packaging. Packaging now primarily focuses on a combination of improvement of carbon footprint, cost reduction and functionality. Following the same line, Bericap’s target is to contribute to the improvement of the carbon footprint and to offer better and safer closure systems which would give better handling for the consumer.
Most of the 1-litre PET bottles used by the edible oil industry in Europe or South America have a standard 29/21mm neck finish of 2.74 gram. This neck finish was initially designed when PET bottles were first introduced some decades ago to allow all the corresponding plastic closures to fit on glass bottles and at the same time on PVC bottles, which were still very popular at the time for edible oil. Today PET bottles represent the major packaging material for mass production of edible oil.

Taking the new trend toward light weight packaging systems into consideration, Bericap has introduced economical and environmental friendly closure solutions with a neck finish in the new 26/21mm dimension standard. The internal diameter of the new 26/21mm neck remains the same as on the traditional 29/21mm neck, important in order to keep the same filling nozzles. Only the external diameter (wall thickness) and the height of the neck have been reduced.

To satisfy demands from the market the light weight 1-piece CTC 26/10 mm, also called Galileo I 26, mostly used for cost efficient capping solutions will be available now. Customers preferring the 2-piece screw cap solution can be supplied with an EV 26/18 mm closure equipped with a flow controlling marguerite and those preferring a hinged closure may request the 1-piece closure solution called HC EV 26/18 mm. All these closure variants fit the same 26 mm finish.

Customers looking for a cost efficient solution while still wanting to have a pouring mechanism may want to choose a 2-piece CTC IP closure with an inserted pouring device. Last but not least Bericap will offer a 2-piece flip top closure with a transparent top under the name Galileo II 26/21mm to the market. Both variants will be available during the course of 2009 and will fit the stated 26 mm neck finish.