Brilliant Polymers launches new solvent-free laminating adhesives

Addresses growing demand for solvent free adhesives in packaging applications


Brilliant Polymers has launched a series of new innovative solvent-free adhesives for flexible packaging applications. According to the company, there has been a rapid growth in the usage of solvent-free adhesives in India and customers are investing increasingly in solvent-free laminating machinery.

“We have a dominant share in the solvent-free laminating adhesive market in India and intend to grow our share further with new product launches. Customers are turning to solvent-free adhesives for more and more applications and we are innovating and providing them with new adhesives to meet evolving demands. Our new products come with our promise of technology, quality and service with every supply, and we are confident of consolidating and strengthening our leadership position in India,” says Gaurav Talwar, managing director, Brilliant Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Brilliant S621 / S279
A new low viscosity solvent-free adhesive system especially designed for high speed laminations involving metalized films, this adhesive has extremely good wetability and optical properties and can run at higher speeds than previous generation adhesives.

Brilliant S717
A single component solvent-free adhesive with wide ranging applications including laminations with paper and board, carton manufacturing, graphic arts & other industrial applications, this adhesive is user friendly, offers a low viscosity, and yet a fast cure rate in laminates.


Brilliant S631 / S310 and Brilliant S631 / S320
Brilliant S631 / S310 is an innovative solvent-free adhesive which has grown to become one of the largest selling solvent-free laminating adhesives in India. It has unique properties and can be used for laminations involving metalized films as well as for laminations involving thin gauge polyethylene films, with a negligible impact on COF after lamination. To add to the strength of S631, Brilliant is now offering this product in combination with a high performance hardener, S320. Brilliant S631 / S320 can be used for higher performance applications like tomato ketchup, heavy rice and flour bags, and also where a faster cure is required.

With its innovative range of products, Brilliant has seen healthy growth rates over the last five years. The company offers a complete range of solutions for the flexible packaging industry from standard performance to high performance applications. Its products are designed to provide unique properties and afford excellent levels of performance in terms of heat and chemical resistance, optical properties coupled with high initial tack and fast cure rates.


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