Fire breaks out at Haldiram’s packaging unit in Noida


Fire broke out at Haldiram’s packaging unit located in Noida’s Sector 68. The time of the incident is reported to be around 19:00 hrs on 6 September 2017. Around 200-300 people usually work in the Haldiram’s facility on any given day. At the time of the incident, around 100 people were present in the factory.

No casualties were reported as steps were taken to evacuate them immediately. Reports suggest that the fire started after a boiler burst in the facility. It is also being said that the stocks had not been dispatched for the past two days. Around 450 tons of stock is said to have been present in the facility when the fire broke out, which acted as a catalyst in spreading the fire. The fire was quite massive and spread to the entire facility in no time.

Fire engines were called in immediately and an attempt was made to douse the fire at the earliest. Due to heavy traffic that is a usual sight on a normal day, it took time for the fire brigades to reach the facility. Also, heavy winds made it difficult to completely put it out. Fire engines are still toiling after 12 hours of operation.


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