Focus on delivering flexibility and connected smart machines


At Pack Expo Las Vegas, which will be held from 25-27 September, Rockwell Automation will highlight how OEMs can benefit from delivering flexible, connected smart machines. Rockwell is one of the world’s largest companies dedicated to industrial automation and information.

Packaging machine and equipment builders attending  the event will be able to hear from Rockwell Automation about the opportunities offered by smart machines. Company subject-matter specialists will provide real-world examples of how OEMs can use smart machines, remote monitoring and other innovative technologies to transform and optimize their customers’ operations and grow their own businesses.

The three Rockwell Automation presentations will be held at the Innovation Stage (C-1049) and include topics such as ‘Independent Cart Technology – Changing the Way Customers View Packaging Automation,’ which will deal with how OEMs can use independent cart technology for faster changeover times and increased machine flexibility to help their customers gain shorter production runs and meet changing consumer needs. Neil Bentley, product marketing manager for MagneMotion, a Rockwell Automation company, will highlight success stories that illustrate how the innovative technology can help increase production and reduce costs.

Another topic Rockwell will present on will be ‘Building a Smarter Machine.’ Visitors can learn about building smart machines that easily integrate into facilities, give operators access to actionable production information, and enable agile reaction to changing market demands. Steve Mulder, OEM packaging segment leader — North America for Rockwell Automation, will discuss how leading machine and equipment builders are capitalizing on this opportunity today.

The third presentation on ‘Remote Monitoring – Adding Value to Your Machine Offering’ will deal with using remote monitoring to create new revenue streams, improve service delivery, strengthen collaboration with customers and more. Doug Weber, connected services engineering manager for Rockwell Automation, will address considerations for safely implementing these new technologies into machines and equipment while keeping security risks in check.


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