Flint Group India makes Ketone and Toluene-free inks in India


Flint Group India is offering inks for solvent-based gravure lamination printing, which are free of toluene and ketone-based solvent. The company has manufactured these inks as per the upcoming regulations.

It is known that inks produced using toluene or ketone, used in some packaging and labels, can pose health risks. Flint Group’s ArrowFlex and ArrowBond line of products in India address the market requirement for inks that are safe for packaging and labelling of food and other consumer products, and are designed to be used with existing equipment. There is no need to invest in new equipment to get the same high quality print results.

Upal Roy, managing director, Flint Group India explains, “At Flint Group, safety has always been our primary concern and that is why our development teams have now formulated a range of products which provide printers with the high quality results and safety they expect from Flint Group.”

“Not only have we developed a safe alternative, we have also been able to eliminate the need for printers to invest in new equipment. Our objective is 100% accomplished. With our ArrowBond and ArrowFlex inks, printers can achieve high quality lamination print using their existing cylinders and other press equipment. These inks, fully compliant as per BIS 15495 current guidelines and proposed guidelines for toluene-free products, have been in the market in Sri Lanka and India for over one year and have yielded the desired outcomes. The inks are within safety limits, print results are stunning, and no new equipment has been necessary,” he continues.

Flint Group actively produces ArrowBond and ArrowFlex inks at its India mother plant location in Lamdapura. Anticipating the growing market in India, Flint Group invested a significant amount in 2017 to construct a modern manufacturing environment which includes state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to support the production of these products.

The facility in Lamdapura is a full service facility with employees working in manufacturing, technical service, customer service and sales. The facility employs more than 120 people focused on the production, service and delivery of inks and coatings to package and label printers throughout India.

Flint Group India provides the experts, the products, and the solutions needed in the growing Indian market and surrounding regions. Coming soon to Lamdapura is the full scale production of water-based inks for packaging and labels.