Printology Xperts shows its new KM MGI JetVarnish 3D and Ifoil

Digital finishing quickly adds value to print

Konica Minolta team with the founders Kamal Malik and Ravinder Kumar of Printology Xperts at Okhla, New Delhi. Photo PSA
Konica Minolta team with the founders Kamal Malik and Ravinder Kumar of Printology Xperts at Okhla, New Delhi. Photo PSA

Printology Xperts in Delhi’s Okhla Industrial Area in Delhi recently installed a brand new MGI JetVarnish 3D with Ifoil supplied by Konica Minolta. Printology’s investment in this UV digital technology has allowed them to service a varied range of work for a large number of customers.

“Over the years, we have been the seeing the advent of printing from analog to digital. Since 1997, I have been travelling extensively to various events all over the world to know more about the upcoming technologies. About 10 to 15 years back, when we used to visit the stands of Heidelberg and Komori, the focus used to be on the speed of the machine. But, I have been observing that for the past 6 to 8 years, the focus has shifted from speed to digital applications as well. With time, we understood that digital gives us the flexibility; the flexibility to changeover from one job to another, with very short turnaround times. This enables you to start the job quickly and the most important benefit is that digital allows you to profitably perform shorter job runs,” says Kamal Malik, founder of Printology Xperts.

The JetVarnish 3D and Ifoil works on MGI’s inkjet and hot foil stamping technology to provide digital spot UV coating in plain 2D and 3D (with up to 200 microns height) and embossed foil textured effects in one pass. Dry or liquid toners coated are applied directly onto digital prints with no lamination required and the ARC camera system ensures precise registration to printed sheets. The JETvarnish 3D’s variable data feature allows for full personalization capabilities resulting in maximum marketing impact.

At the event at Printology Xperts Vijay Kamat, national sales manager for Industrial Print at Konica Minolta India said, “We’re all here to understand what Printology has ventured into through the JetVarnish machine installed at its facility. The new digital finishing technology in large format in the packaging and commercial printing segments is quite important for satisfying customers’ ever growing needs for speciality printing. But surprisingly, we have not even reached double digits in terms of installation of this technology in India. That is the reason this event is extremely important to show the printing abilities of the machine. The samples displayed here give a practical example of how the technology has been used by Printology Xperts. It shows their understanding of the application, technology and implementation of the technology internally and also the implementation of the technology in the market.”

Rajiv Kumar Ahuja, business consultant – Industrial Printing Division, Konica Minolta added, “Initially, I had a discussion with the Technova team as it is the official distributor of MGI in India. Soon after drupa, we met Kamal Malik and discussed the JetVarnish which he had first seen at drupa. He was pretty impressed by the results that the machine was producing. Earlier, Kamal was using a Sakurai printing machine, but through a cost estimation tool, we showed the cost incurred to do the same job on the MGI machine and he was quite surprised to see the costs. Eventually things started falling in line and the MGI was installed at Printology.”

“Since we were already having a Sakurai and were doing UV printing on it, I was facing some challenges pertaining to speed, quicker turnaround time and shorter runs. It used to take almost 3 hours to make one frame, which makes a job time-intensive. Under such circumstances, it is really difficult to take up more work. Plus, if you’re forward looking, you really need to move ahead with technology as it only helps ease your efforts and save your time. I wanted to be futuristic as far as embellishment and hence, after seeing all the aspects pertaining to the MGI, I decided to buy it,” shared Malik.

The sample prints at Printology incorporated a wide range of print embellishments and special effects which are not attainable through traditional printing techniques. The demonstration highlighted MGI’s solutions for packaging and commercial printing customers, graphic designers and advertising agencies to achieve desired speciality printing results.