SCHOTT KAISHA hosts pharma packaging stalwarts at its Jambusar plant, Gujarat

SCHOTT shares best practices with its industry partners


Leading pharmaceutical packaging company, SCHOTT KAISHA recently opened doors to its industry partners for a plant visit, as part of the Parental Drugs Association’s (PDA’s) two-day conference on ‘Advancing Science In Drug, Device & Primary Packaging: A Primer to Containers, Closures & Integrity’. More than 60 delegates from the conference took part in the half-day visit to SCHOTT KAISHA’s state-of-the-art facility in Jambusar, Gujarat, to enhance their know-how of best practices being followed by the Indo-German joint venture.

“We are proud to have hosted such a high-profile delegation of PDA at our plant in Gujarat. It was not only a great experience for our workers, who felt motivated after meeting industry professionals, but also enriching for the visitors. Many of them represent our longstanding clients and they were extremely happy to see what happens inside the plant that delivers them high quality pharmaceutical packaging material,” said Eric L’Heureux, director of operations at SCHOTT KAISHA.

Industry leaders from various pharmaceutical and research companies visited the factory and met with the SCHOTT KAISHA management.

“Our guests were really impressed, seeing us follow the highest quality standards of production at our facility, be it basic hygiene and cleanliness on one hand, or the unprecedented technological advancements, such as the new Opto-Electronic Inspection System, which enables a full cosmetic inspection of the entire vial, and offers customization options over and above the standard inspection protocol for the clients,” L’Heureux added.

L’Heureux also delivered two presentations at the PDA conference at Welcome Hotel, Vadodara on ‘Defects in tubular glass vials’  and ‘Glass delamination – its possible causes and techniques for mitigation.’ Delamination, which is the peeling of inorganic flakes from the inner glass surface of a pharmaceutical vial as a result of interaction with its contents, remains a sensitive issue for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Such initiatives are extremely beneficial for our industry as a whole, as they encourage exchange of ideas and knowledge among peers from different sections of the value chain. This visit to SCHOTT KAISHA not only helped the guests gain more perspective of the production process, but can also be seen as an invaluable case study for many fruitful discussions on best practices being followed in the pharma packaging industry,” shared L’Heureux.


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