SRK Technology unveils innovative products for packaging industry

Solutions for hot foil embossing and hologram insetting

SRK Technology
SRK Technology's Pantec Cheetah series machine.

Delhi-based SRK Technology provides printers and print finishers with professional solutions for printing, finishing or converting high-quality products for their customers. The company recently launched two products – Cheetah and Rhino series – to cater to the packaging industry.

SRK Technology says its trademarked Cheetah series will bring highest profitability for hologram insetting and foil stamping in wide web operation. Hot foils and holograms are important for marketing to give an extraordinary look and to add security features to packaging. Both technologies offer the possibility to brand owners to shape their brand image as well as attract customers on the point of sales. Although hot foiling and hologram stamping are not new to the market, there is still a huge potential for higher efficiency, cost saving and quality to exploit. The company believes that this potential can be developed with its Pantec Cheetah rotary hot foil and hologram stamping system.

Pantec Cheetah series comes with an array of features, which include inline integration into web presses or off-line solution, up to 20 hologram placements per second (150 m/min web speed), high-performance vacuum foil saver technology (no moving masses), and non-stop auto-splicing foiling system.

Pantec Cheetah series is specifically designed for optimum output in registered hologram insetting and patch application. The Pantec friction-free foil path and the vacuum buffers ensure homogeneous tension, without inertia of moving masses which may stretch the sensitive foil.

Each hologram has its own printing mark. The Pantec technology detects every mark by a mark reader placed shortly before stamping. This and the unique vacuum foil motion system ensure excellent accuracy. To ensure perfect side register, motorized lateral foil adjustment is provided.

Another innovative product from SRK Technology is the Rhino series, which helps in flat embossing directly in the line. The company says that Rhino series brings the quality of sheet-fed hot foil embossing, attractive spatial images placement for prestige markets and hologram stamping for security into narrow web presses.

Flatbed technology for hot foil stamping allows simultaneous foiling and embossing on the same tool for absolute perfect register even on structured, uncoated papers like wine or spirit labels. The Pantec Rhino provides flat bed technology with an outstanding machine performance of up to 30,000 strokes per hour. Combined with the revolving foil head which allows the application of several foils in multi-step mode, Rhino is an extremely powerful embossing machine which can produce outstanding and refining effects with multiple foils and embossing effects in a single machine pass. Rhino series machines can carry out multifoil designs, fast running single pass with multi-stroke foiling across

perfect stamping results on uncoated, structured papers due to high stamping pressure and zero tolerance foil embossing. The output of this machine is crisp, high embossing that lasts for a long time. The machine has longer dwell time, lower temperature and higher brilliance. Rhino series machines can function in high frequency stamping for high press speed (up to 30,000 strokes per hour). They are small in size with cost-effective tools and offer quicker job change. Two foil saving patterns help the operator to optimize on foil saving.

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