Uflex develops specialty polymeric film to replace BOPA film


India’s leading flexible packaging materials and solution company Uflex Limited has developed a specialty polymeric film to replace BOPA or nylon film from flexible packaging material.

BOPA film finds extensive use in food packaging, especially for fatty and oily food, distilled goods packaging, agricultural products packaging or medical products. Its barrier with respect to gases deteriorates rapidly with increasing humidity. BOPA films are hygroscopic, which means they absorb moisture at ambient conditions which makes it rather tedious for the convertors to store them in dry conditions. A lot of investment by the convertors handling BOPA films goes towards de-humidification and air conditioning of storage space and further proper packaging in aluminum foil, etc. to keep the substrate dry. Also, BOPA film is not easily available domestically and has to be often imported.

One of the very many uses that the specialty polymeric film finds is oil packaging. Typically for manufacturing packaging material for oil, the new specialty film has been laminated with polyethylene to fabricate a 2-ply packaging structure. The lamination process is also specialized to ensure superior and enhanced functionality of the packaging structure.

The new speciality film is a replacement for BOPA in its truest sense and can be used for manufacturing packaging material for all products that currently use the nylon substrate.