Uflex formulation for reprocessable edible oil films

edible oil
Flexible packaging requires quicker turnaround for event marketing

According to a company press release, Uflex has developed a customized formulation that renders barrier packaging for edible oil re-processable. Given that comparable oil packaging films are generally between 70 and 110 microns with a nylon content of 7 to 12%, the OTR of the new film is 60 cc per square meter in 24 hours. According to Uflex, the film can be recycled using any extrusion recycling process with the recycled material either used in small portions to make virgin film or be used completely for injection molding applications.

Talking about this major breakthrough in promoting flexible packaging sustainability, joint president, Packaging and New Product Development at Uflex, Jeevaraj Pillai said, “Edible oil needs to be carefully protected from oxygen, which makes it rancid. Barrier properties in a coextruded film for edible oil packaging are imparted by Nylon and or EVOH. However, it is the presence of these two elements that makes the packaging of edible oil non-reprocessable. We at Uflex have developed a specialized formulation that renders barrier packaging for edible-oil reprocessable despite the presence of Nylon and/or EVOH.”

According to the release, data from Euromonitor indicates that edible oil has overtaken dairy to become the largest packaged food segment in India. The packaged edible oil segment apparently grew by 25.6% to cross Rs 13,000 crore (approximately US$ 2 billion) in 2017. Edible oil makes up over 30% of the Rs 43,400 crore (approximately US$ 6 billion) packaged food market in India.