Government Amends PWMR 2016 – Restrictions On use of Multilayered Plastics Removed


plastic waste

In a major relief for Industry and consumers, the Government has issued new rules for Plastic Waste Management that supersede the PWMR 2016 and allow the continued use of Multilayered Plastic Structures.

The new rules – called the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2018 – have been notified on the 27th. of March 2018.

In a major change of thinking, the Government has introduced the concept of a new ‘alternate use’ process viz. ‘energy recovery’, which it defines as “energy recovery from waste that is conversion of waste material into usable heat, electricity or fuel through a variety of processes including combustion, gasification, pyrolisation, anaerobic digestion and land fill gas recovery”. It now bans the use of only “multi-layered plastic which is non-recyclable or non-energy recoverable or with no alternate use”. In effect, almost all existing packaging structures currently in use can continue to be used.

The rule relating to Explicit pricing of carry bags has been omitted.

Those who wish to read the new notification can access it through the following link:,%202016_0.pdf



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