Anthem wins international packaging awards


Anthem, a global creative agency that connects brands with consumers by amplifying desirability from brand design to brand campaign to drive brand performance, was honored with two awards of excellence at the  47th Creativity International Packaging Awards.

Winners of the Creativity International Awards were selected based on their ability to use design to proffer brand promise and develop an emotional connection with the consumer.

“Companies who truly understand that packaging design is a strategic tool to connect with brands and consumers and impact velocity on shelf-in both physical and e-commerce channel – will generate interest, trust and loyalty,” said Janice Jaworski, vice president brand development, Americas. “This industry recognition acknowledges Anthem’s strength in using design as the connector that engages the consumer, increases demand and enhances the brand experience.”

In the health and beauty packaging category, Anthem was awarded bronze for soapbox redesign. In the  food and beverage packaging  category, Anthem was awarded bronze for its package design shredded wheat redesign.
“Brand storytelling through design creates brand desirability, influences consumers’ decision and increases opportunities for growth, which ultimately drive brand performance,” Jaworski concluded.


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