UPM Raflatac offers new generation solutions for sustainable packaging


UPM Raflatac is introducing a unique lifecycle approach called forest positive along with RAFNXT+, a next-generation solution for sustainable packaging to the European market.

Forest positive brings significant benefits for nature because ensures zero deforestation, promotes biodiversity, improves water quality and enhances the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide. The innovative RAFNXT+ range has a carbon potential up to 20% more than standard paper labels.

The RAFNXT+ range optimizes the use of raw materials, using less energy and water and generating less waste during its lifecycle compared to standard labels. It provides a competitive edge for printers and brand owners alike in terms of sustainability and efficiency, with fewer reel changes delivering savings in downtime and start-up waste, lower packaging and transportation costs and increased storage capacity for raw materials and finished stock.

The new range includes labeling solutions for a wide variety of applications, including retail labeling, labeling of packaged food and labels for transport and logistics applications.

“With RAFNXT+, customers can differentiate themselves with our forest positive concept and by using labels that are proven to be 20% more carbon positive than standard paper materials. Furthermore, they can also enhance their productivity thanks to the optimized raw material efficiencies that RAFNXT+ delivers,” explains Jon Lenck,director, VIP & prime segment, EMEIA, UPM Raflatac.

“Forest positive is a unique approach to forest lifecycle that goes far beyond deforestation to enhance natural capitals,” says Robert Taylor, sustainability director, UPM Raflatac. “It is carbon positive, which means the forests that we choose to source our raw materials from can absorb up to double the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the RAFNXT+ production process,” he concludes.