Major cloud-based upgrade to IC3D Packaging Design

New cloud-based version 3.6 of IC3D software

New version 3.6 of IC3D packaging design software enables cloud-based sharing
New version 3.6 of IC3D packaging design software enables cloud-based sharing

The world’s first real time, all in one cloud- based 3D packaging design, IC3D by Creative Edge Software, is available to users now. The major upgrade to the packaging design software lets its users create live 3D digital mock-ups. Commenting on the functionality of the software, the CEO of Creative Edge Software, Nick Gilmore, says, “In addition to our unique, easy 3D model creation, lighting, shadows, special effects, materials and in-store visualization, customers wanted a better way to accurately and securely share their 3D packaging design content with clients and stakeholders.

Gilmore further explains, “This new IC3D update version 3.6 includes IC3D Opsis which delivers just that, and allows IC3D users to securely upload their 3D digital packaging designs to the cloud while maintaining all of IC3D special effects – including metallics, environments, shadows, lighting, transparency, backgrounds, holographic and lenticular. However, what sets Opsis apart is the unique viewing capabilities which end-users will experience when looking and interacting with 3D packaging content using any web browser on any platform, any OS and any graphics card – including smartphones tablets and computers.”

The users of IC3D can update to v3.6 which is inclusive of Opsis within the limits of software maintenance agreement without any cost. The users need to create a free account and upload their 3D design of packaging directly from the IC3D applicaton. Each account allows a maximum of 100 IC3D models to be uploaded and stored at no cost on Opsis cloud along with a 100% guaranteed network on secure high-bandwidth servers. Each time a design is uploaded, a unique URL is generated. The URL can be shared with clients to view, zoom, rotate, pan, and auto spin 3D content. Furthermore, the URL thus generated can be embedded into websites to give interacting 3D web content with correct colors, effects, and lighting. The 3D design software will allow brands to showcase their products in the best possible manner.


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