VS International launches GT-5S High Speed VFFS

VS International
VS International team with GT-5S Continuous Motion vertical form fill sealing system

VS International, a leading Faridabad-based Indian manufacturer of vertical form fill and seal machines, introduced its new GT-5S Continuous Motion vertical form fill sealing system at the recently held Pamex exhibition in Mumbai. The GT-5S machine has a user-friendly touch screen operator interface with multi-function controls. Users have access to real-time machine performance data from the operator interface.

The machine’s control system is powered by a Trio-Motion Controller and all functions including sealing, bag pulling, pull roller and unwinding have dedicated individual servo motors and drives that are controlled by a high-end motion CPU with intelligent software. Vacuum-assisted pulling belts can be offered with an oil-free vacuum pump to ensure slippage-free and smooth film pulling. The servo motor driven unwinder unwinds the film in synchronization with the machine speed and bag length.

The stainless steel air shaft can easily manage reels with diameters up to 18 inches. This reduces the changeover time of reels by 50% with the same output. Interestingly, the sealing time remains constant at any given speed and the increase or decrease of the machine’s speed doesn’t affect sealing quality. The lightweight, efficient and integral chutes prevent blocking of the forming tube and the chute while handling products with low mass or less bulk density and surface area.

Talking about the advantages of the new machine, Vikram Sharma, VS International’s proprietor says, “In this new machine the twin baggers are mated to a single weigher, so there is lower capital investment. As it is vertical, it offers space saving and due to its efficient construction and uses up to 60% less floor area. Besides, double output can be achieved with marginal increase of initial and operational cost. Lastly, the machine has an operational interface which enables quick and error-free operations.”

Highlighting some other benefits, Sharma says, “The machine comes with a robust steel frame with a compact design and common control interface for ease of operation. It is also compatible with our other machines like cup, auger and weigher. It offers an option to run the same or a variable quantity on tracks with an extended option to select whether to run one or both tracks at the same time.”

The company has a fully integrated factory with a state-of-the-art R&D center with qualified workforce. VS International has always considered its customers as partners in its growth and has earned a prestigious reputation in the industry for its close attention in integrating the latest design technologies, and for the rugged support and services for relevant applications, believes Sharma.

At the company’s stand at the Pamex exhibition in Mumbai, it received an overwhelming response from visitors with many showing interest in the new GT-55 VFFS high-speed duplex machine. Apart from this machine, the company also offers solutions such as a 4-head weigher, cup filler, multi-head weigher, stick pack and auger filler.