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Ashok Goel, vice-chairman and managing director of Essel Propack. Photo PSA

Vistamaxx polymers from ExxonMobil ChemicalGranic 1522 masterbatch for thinner garbage bagsGranic, one of the leaders in the production of plastic concentrates with mineral fillers, has developed a new masterbatch using Vistamaxx performance polymers from ExxonMobil Chemical. The Granic 1522 masterbatch uses Vistamaxx polymers as a carrier resin for calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) to deliver significant performance and processing benefits.Looking to develop a new masterbatch to complement its existing product portfolio, Granic, a division of the GCR Group in Spain, contacted ExxonMobil Chemical to learn more about Vistamaxx polymers. High filler loading ExxonMobil Chemical demonstrated that by using a Vistamaxx polymers-based CaCO₃ masterbatch in film formulations instead of a typical linear low density polyethylene or polypropylene-based masterbatch, mineral filler loadings could be increased without compromising on key mechanical properties. Also highlighted were the benefits for end-use applications, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) shopper bags, HDPE garbage bags and PP raffia (slit) tape and bags. These benefits include increasing the concentration of recycled material, making the bags thinner, or improving performance, such as dart impact resistance.

“Granic 1522 masterbatch has significant benefits. Using Vistamaxx as a carrier resin in the masterbatch enables increased productivity, reduced energy consumption and improved mechanical properties,” said Victor Oliva, commercial director and R&D manager of GCR Group. “We are very excited about the market potential for Granic 1522 and are targeting key applications. These include shopper and garbage bags, raffia tapes and bags, thermoforming and blow molding where increased filler loadings and improved toughness can make a big difference to customers.”