High technology engraving

anilox rolls

Simec is a 60-year-old company based in Italy which is a pioneer in the manufacture of anilox rolls for flexo printing and coating and also embossing rolls for special characteristics on paper, tissue, plastic films and corrugating rolls. The company is also a preferred OEM supplier to leading flexo press and coating machine manufacturers.

Simec’s anilox rolls are produced with the latest laser engraving technology for UV, water-based, solvent-based, metallic ink and adhesive applications. Its unique ink transferability from the specific cells to the substrate distinguishes Simec anilox rolls, with all manufacturing from base shells to laser engraving done in-house under one roof.

Simec’s innovations in anilox rolls include Hexagonal 60, a standard engraving designed for top quality printing results for flexographic printing and coating; Double cell engraving — a unique cell structure allowing increase of line count without any loss of volume which means printing with finer rasters without any significant loss of density and which can be used with all the inking systems. Simec’s anilox rolls use kiss touch technology for 100% contact with the doctor blade.

Simec’s HD engraving techniques for anilox rolls allow high-resolution quality and excellent High Definition printing with improved ink release with greater print consistency and better transfer control. Helical engraved Anilox helically engraved at 30 to 90 degrees are particularly suited for coated with a high percentage of drying. HF engraving is specifically developed for white coverage with higher density and reduced pinholes

Simec’s new age Starlox anilox sleeves come with anodised protection rings mechanically fitted for better resistance against all chemicals while reducing the risk of the sleeve swelling from the inside.
Simex has developed its patented Spray last PN coating between the base shell and the ceramic coating for protecting anilox rolls and sleeves from corrosion — especially in countries like India where humidity levels are high.

All anilox rolls come with FMRG certification reports stating parameters such as volume, cell structure and ABC test along with a 3-dimensional profile of cells with print and a guarantee that the rolls can be re-engraved 3-4 times following the Simec concept. Refurbishing of the anilox is also possible. Simex anilox rolls are sold and serviced by Scanvik Packaging based in Mumbai.


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