PolyIC becomes official design partner of Cypress Semiconductor

Kurz subsidiary PolyIC and US manufacturer of touch controllers intensify their cooperation

PolyIC becomes official design partner of Cypress Semiconductor

The US technology company Cypress Semiconductor has included Kurz subsidiary PolyIC in the so-called Design Partner program and will list the company on the Cypress website in future. The intensification of the cooperation, which has already lasted almost ten years, is based on PolyIC’s proven expertise in the technology fields of capacitive keys, touch screens, multi-touch sensors, and domed surfaces.

A connection set to last: PolyIC and Cypress Semiconductor

The inclusion of PolyIC as a design partner of Cypress Semiconductor – acquired by Infineon in 2020 – is another milestone within the Kurz Group, which clearly underlines its subsidiary’s proven expertise. Numerous products with integrated PolyTC technology are already in use in the areas of home appliances and consumer electronics in combination with touch sensor controllers from Cypress. The two components are also already being used successfully together in the automotive sector. Further clear growth in these three sectors is one of the strategic goals of the cooperation partners.

Given the numerous projects that have already been implemented and are currently being planned, the step towards ‘design partner’ is a particularly important one, explains PolyIC product manager Gerhard Scheuing, “This success will not just further strengthen our customers’ trust in our products. Companies that don’t use any of our touchscreen solutions yet can also benefit from the intensified collaboration. We look forward to the future together with excitement.”

By joining the partner program, Cypress attests to the Kurz subsidiary’s best “competence in handling Cypress products” and “special skills” in offering customers innovative system solutions, not only in sensor technology but also in electronics.

PolyIC and Cypress: Sensor and processor come together

Specially developed and patented PolyTC sensors are manufactured in a roll-to-roll process. Silver-based metal mesh structures are transferred to PET film and sealed with another PET protective film. Thanks to this layer structure, PolyTC sensors are transparent, highly conductive, flexible, and resistant. Connected to Cypress controllers, they are already used in washing machines, coffee machines, and numerous other products.

PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG is a fully owned subsidiary of Kurz that develops and markets products based on the technology platform of transparent and conductive films (brand name PolyTC). This technology enables PolyIC to offer touch sensors and other functional applications for touchscreens, as well as all kinds of capacitive buttons.

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