Baumer talks about modular gluing and quality assurance system

Gluing applications for folding cartons

Baumer hhs Xtend³controller
Baumer hhs Xtend³controller

On 22 September, Baumer organized a webinar to talk about the new developments of its modular gluing and quality assurance system for folding carton operations. The webinar stated that some of the company’s latest products aimed to increase system efficiencies, make operator handling more effortless, and increase productivity. 

The webinar focused on the company’s cold glue application head and the new software functions of its unique graphic user interface and statistical analyzer. The first solution featured in the webinar was the PX1000 glue application head. The solution offers high precision, improved start-up and closing behavior, electrical and mechanical properties retention, long life stability, state-of-the-art technology, and backward compatibility with all Baumer controllers. 

“The new PX1000 application head is designed for especially challenging technical requirements of high-speed folding machines,” the official said. “The combination of PX1000 with optimized application software is the key for achieving the optimum glue consumption and hence more sustainability and safety.”

Glue detection technology

After the PX1000, the company talked about the GDX1000, a new generation of monitoring sensors. “The GDX1000 is the next generation monitoring sensor design based on the experience of more than 10,000 sensors. It offers improved glue detection properties mainly for monitoring glue-free areas, especially at the transition to the product edges and creases,” the official said.

Furthermore, the company stated in the webinar that the PX1000 application head and GDX1000 monitoring sensor are a perfect combination for efficient production of folding cartons taking into account optimal use and maximum productivity. 

Baumer Xtend³ controllers

Xtend³ controllers manage the individual glue application and quality assurance stations. In addition, the controller’s information management function, with its extensive statistics, enables production managers to access process data right from their workstations. As a result, they have a complete overview of the quality achieved in the gluing process and can use the compiled data for further optimization.

With Xtend³, customers can operate hot melt applications centrally for the first time. You can enter the required lengths of the glue lines and the heating times for the tank, hoses, and application heads on one screen. You can also see all current values at any time, as well as any error messages. Additional entries on the melter display are no longer necessary.

The big Xtend³ screen interactively gives users information on all connected components. Xtend³ supports Xmelt functions such as component identification for application heads, sensors, hoses, melters, input, and monitoring set-point temperatures, pump pressure, filter change cycles, glue level, maintenance cycles. 


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