Novexx showcases its range of packaging solutions at Labelexpo India 2018

Automation is the key to growth

The Novexx team at Labelexpo India 2018
The Novexx team at Labelexpo India 2018

Novexx Solutions, once a business unit of Avery Dennison, went independent on 1 July 2015 backed by the internationally active Possehl Group. The company has come to Labelexpo India 2018 with the long term plan of educating the market about its solutions. The packaging machines manufactured by Novexx are used in primary, secondary and tertiary levels of packaging.

At the event, the company is showcasing live demo sessions of its bottle labeling machine, carton packaging, print and apply machines and other small products. Novexx recently launched the ALS 272 high-speed label printing machine, which is also being showcased to the customers at the event. The company has already sold a few of the newly launched presses to some of the big bottle manufacturing companies in the country.

Automation being the key to growth these days, systematic utilization of hardware and software automation helps increase productivity, safety and profitability. “In automation, the growth average scales between 28% and 32%. The main reason behind this is that initially companies were using wet glues but now, everyone wants to have a brand which looks appealing on the shelf and in order to attain it, manual interventions need to be eliminated completely. That said, one cannot deny the fact that the growth in the organized sector is still not more than 15% from the automation point of view,” says Sajan Abraham, general manager – South Asia, Novexx Solutions.

“I personally feel that the Indian market is growing faster in comparison to the overseas market. I am responsible for South Asia. When I see the growth range, the Indian market is growing much more in automation. I feel automation has penetrated a lot in the West and the scope for further growth has become more or less stagnated. On the other hand, automation in packaging is still in the process of being adopted in India and hence there is a huge scope for growth here.”