Focus on high-quality type-I-glass used in syringes or vials

Schott’s video on the role of glass in the pharma industry

Schott has come up with a video in English on the important role that glass plays in the pharmaceutical industry

The scientific basis was provided by Bettine Boltres, product manager, pharmaceutical tubing at Schott, “Glass in its purest form – known as quartz – is a very stable material but comes with limitations in terms of processability,” Boltres explained. “In order to make it processable, however, adding certain substances to the glass formulation – making it a borosilicate glass – is a necessary step. The challenge for pharmaceutical glass types is to offer excellent hot forming capabilities without compromising the chemical stability. How this is realized, is explained in the video.”

Schott’s extensive knowledge is not without reason – the international technology group has been active in the field pharmaceutical glass for over a century. It only seems natural to end the film by quoting the company’s founder Otto Schott, who once said that glass was not just a pure coincidence. “Looking at the increasing need for high-quality materials, it seems that his words are more relevant today than ever before,” Boltres concluded.

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